Bulletin of the Institute of Mathematics

Bulletin of the Institute of Mathematics
Founded in 2018
Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences
V.I.Romanovskiy Institute of Mathematics
Mathematical Society of Uzbekistan

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Published papers in 2018


1. Dzhamalov S.Z. On a nonlocal boundary value problem for the second order mixed-type equation of the second kind in a many-dimensional space (1-8)
2. Urinov A.K., Ismoilov A.I.  On solvability of the Cauchy-Goursat problem for the generalized Euler-Poisson-Darboux equation (9-22)
3. Khakimov R.M., Ayubjonova M.S. Periodic Gibbs measures for the four state ferromagnetic Potts model on a Cayley tree (23-27)
4. Khakimov R.M., Tojiboev B.Z. Extreme Gibbs measures for the three state HC models on a Cayley tree (28-31)
5. Khudoyberdiyev A.Kh., Sattarov A.M. On Leibniz-derivation of order k of the nilpotent Leibniz algebras (32-39)
6. Ruziev M.Kh. A problem with conditions given on piece of boundary characteristic and on the line of degeneracy for a class of mixed type equations (40-49)
1. Amanov Dj., Kilichov O. A boundary value problem for the fourth order equation of mixed type in a rectangular domain (1-8)
2. Dzhamalov S.Z. On an inverse problem for the second order mixed type multidimensional equation of the first kind with semi-periodic conditions (9-15)
3. Rakhimova G.G. Sequential nonparametric estimation by fixed-width confidence intervals (16-21)
4. Sagdullaeva M.M. On the problem for the equation of thee third order with heat operator in the main part (22-27)
5. David J., Nolte A., Sherman J. A Boundary-Value Problem for 3-D Fractional Wave Equation with Singularity (28-52)

1. Editorial board. Academician Makhmud Salakhitdinov (85th Anniversary) (1-4)
2. Ashurov R.R., Dzhamalov S.Z. On an inverse problem for the second order mixed type multidimensional equation of the second kind with nonlocal conditions (5-11)
3. Sabitov K.B., Sidorov S.N. Inverse problems for a mixed parabolic-hyperbolic equation with a degenerate parabolic part (12-22)
4. Ergashev T.G., Hasanov A. Solutions of PDE systems for Kamp´e de F´eriet type functions (23-28)
5. Mirsaburov M., Ruziev M.Kh., Amonov B.B. On fundamental solutions of degenerate elliptic type equation with singular coefficients and their properties (29-49)
1. Balkizov Zh.A. On a boundary value problem with a shift condition in the hyperbolic part of a domain for the third-order parabolic-hyperbolic type equation (1-10)
2. Berdyshev A.S., Hasanov A. Eigenvalue problems for a class of third order degenerating composite type equations (11-15)
3. Karachik V.V., Turmetov B.X. On solvability of certain non-local boundary-value problems for biharmonic equation (16-22)
4. Karimov Sh.T. On some generalizations of the properties of the multidimensional generalized Erd´elyi-Kober operator and their applications (23-35)
5. Urinov A.Q., Okboev A.B. A boundary-value problem of A.M. Nakhushev type for a second kind degenerated hyperbolic equation (36-45)
6. Khashimov A.R. Second boundary value problem with nonlocal initial conditions for non stationary equations of the third order of the composite type (46-51)
1. Imanbaev N.S., Kanguzhin B.Ye. On the Volterra property of the Cauchy-Riemann operator with homogeneous boundary conditions (1-5)
2. Irgashev B.Yu. About auto-model solutions of an equation of high order expressed through hypergeometric functions (6-10)

3. Kadirkulov B.J., Turmetov B.Kh. On a method for constructing a solution of integro-differential equation of fractional order with Hadamard type operators (11-21)
4. Shermatova Kh.M. On a statement of boundary value problems for a class of the third order parabolic-hyperbolic type equation with two lines of type changing (22-29)
5. Abdullayev A.A.
On uniqueness of a boundary value problem for an equation of elliptichyperbolic type of the second kind (30-35)
6. Abdullaev O.Kh., Matchanova A.A. Non local boundary value problems for a loaded parabolic-hyperbolic type equation of third order involving Caputo operator (36-42)
7. Tashpulatov S.M. The Structure of essential spectra and discrete spectrum of the energy operator of five-electron systems in the Hubbard model. Fifth doublet state (43-52)
1. Apakov Yu.P., Juraev A.Kh. On a problem for a viscous trans-sound equation in a semi-bounded region (1-4)
2. Dalabaev U.  Application of a method of moved nods to the solution of applied boundary problems (5-9)
3. Karimov K.T. A nonlocal problem with integral condition for a three-dimensional elliptic equation with singular coefficients (10-24)
4. Mamanazarov A.O. Non local problem for an equation of parabolic-hyperbolic type (25-31)
5. Khudayarov B.A., Turaev F.J., Komilova Kh. Mathematical modeling of pipeline vibrations based on Pasternak‘s foundation (32-40)
6. Shikhiev R.M., Baltabaeva R.B. On a property of the mathematical model of salt-dust movement in the twocomponent
nonlinear environment considering convectivity
7. Chorieva S.T. On a uniqueness of the solution of a problem with the Frankl condition on a segment of the degeneration line for a mixed type equation with a singular coefficient (44-46)
8. Churikov V.A. The d-operator of fractional differentiation and fractional integration of variable order ( 47-52)

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