Bulletin of the Institute of Mathematics

Bulletin of the Institute of Mathematics
Founded in 2018
Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences
V.I.Romanovskiy Institute of Mathematics
Mathematical Society of Uzbekistan

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1. Aralova K. A., Jamilov U. U. On the dynamics of superposition of non-Volterra quadratic stochastic operators (1-14)
2. Durdiev D. K., Nuriddinov Zh. Z.  Kernel determining problem in the integro–differential heat equation with a variable thermal conductivity (15-26)
3. Eshkabilov Yu. Kh., Nodirov Sh. D. On the positive fixed points of quartic operators (27-36)
4. Imomkulov A. N. On absolute nilpotent elements of the evolution algebras corresponding to approximation of finite dimensional algebras (37-41)
5. Ishmetov A. Ya. On C-properties of the space of idempotent probability measures (42-48)
6. Mamatov M. Sh., Nuritdinov J. T. On some laws for calculating the Мinkovski difference and sum (49-59)
7. Mustapokulov Kh. Y. On a certain invariance problem for a constant multivalued mapping in a heat conduction problem with impulse control (60-67)
8. Rahmonov E. S., Beshimov G. R. Complete system of invariants of m-points in the two-dimensional bilinear-metric space with the form $x_1y_1-2x_2y_2$ over the field of rational numbers (68-76)
9. Mohd Danish Siddiqi. Generalized Yamabe solitons on Trans Sasakian manifolds (77-85)
10. Sheraliyev Sh. N. On the solvability of the quasi-linear periodic problem of peridynamics (86-93)
11. Umrzaqov N. M. Local derivations of nilpotent algebras of upper triangular matrices (94-97)
12. Usmonov J. B., Kodirova M. A. A quadratic stochastic operator with variable coefficients (98-107)
13. Aripov M. M., Djabborov O. R. Estimation and asymptotics of solutions the parabolic type equation with double non-linearity and damping (108-118)
14. Kasimov Sh. G., Madrahimov U. S., Koshanov A. P. On unique solvability of multidimensional initial-boundary problem of beam oscillations, one end of which is patched, and the other floating in Sobolev spaces (119-136)
15. Irgashev B. Yu.  Construction of self-similar solutions for high-order equations having degeneracy of the first and second kind (137-143)
16. Ruziev M. X. On a boundary value problem for mixed type equation with singular coefficients (144-152)
17. Umarova G. B. Three-dimensional Tricomi problem for a parabolic-hyperbolic equation with two planes of change of type (153-166)
18. Hayotov A. R., Rasulov R. G. Extension of the Euler-Maclaurin quadrature formula in the space $W_2^(5,4)$ (167-176)
19. Xolboev A. G. The pursuit-evasion game on the 1-skeleton graph of Archimedean solids in the space $R^3$ (177-182)
20. Xurramov N. X. Generalization of the Tricomi Problem for one class of equations of mixed type (183-198)
21. Shaimkulov B. A., Bozorov J. T. Conditions for the holomorphic continuation into a unit polydisc of a function defined on the polydisc skeleton (199-203)

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