Bulletin of the Institute of Mathematics

Bulletin of the Institute of Mathematics
Founded in 2018
Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences
V.I.Romanovskiy Institute of Mathematics
Mathematical Society of Uzbekistan

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2019 year issue No 6


1. Baratov I. I.,  Dekhkonov F. N.,  Komilov N. M. On the  inverse problem associated with heat-transfer process (1-6)

2. Akhmedov S.A., Ablazova K.S. Some control charts based on  statistical hypotheses concerning correlations of two measurable signs (7-12)

3. Djalilov  A.A., Abdukhakimov S.Kh. Periodic points of unstable Feygenbaum’s  separatrice (13-16)

4. Juraev Sh.Yu. Branching  processes of Galton-Watson born from fractional-linear producing function (17-22)

5. Irgashev B.Yu. The  boundary value problem for a degenerate high-order equation with lower terms (23-30)

6. Kushmurodov A.A. Strong  law of large numbers for m-dependent random variables with values in Banach  space (31-34)

7. Mamurov B.J. Evolutionary  equations for finite-dimensional homogeneous cubic stochastic processes (35-39)

8. Nishonova Sh.T. Nonlocal  problems with first and second kind integral conditions for an elliptic-parabolic  type equation (40-46)

9. Parovik  R.I. Dynamic hysteresis of a fractional Duffing oscillator (47-51)

10. Khusanbaev  Y.M., Kudratov Kh.E. Some inequalities for branching random  processes with immigration (52-56)

11. Ruziev M.Kh.  On a nonlocal boundary value problem for one class of equations  of mixed type (57-61)

12. Fayazov  K.S., Khudayberganov Y.K. Ill-posed boundary value problem for the  system of equations in second-order partial derivatives with two degenerate  lines (62-68)

13. Sharipov  O.Sh., Ruzieva D.S. Central limit theorem for Hilbert  space-valued random fields (69-72)

14. Hasanov A.,  Ruzhansky M. Euler-type integral representations for the hypergeometric  functions in three variables of second order (73-223)
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