Bulletin of the Institute of Mathematics

Bulletin of the Institute of Mathematics
Founded in 2018
Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences
V.I.Romanovskiy Institute of Mathematics
Mathematical Society of Uzbekistan

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1. Karimov U. Sh.  On the local derivations on real W*-algebras (1-3)
2. Zunnunov A. O. About the task of prosecuting between a lion and a man in a closed arena (4-8)
3. Abdullayev J. Sh. Estimates of the Bergman kernel for homogeneous bounded domains (9-17)
4. Juraev R. M. Uniformity of space of the G-permutation degree (18-23)
5. Kushmurodov A. A. Strong law of large numbers for m− dependent random fields  with values in Banach spaces (24-29)
6. Madrakhimov U. S.  Cauchy problem for a fractional order equation with a pseudo-differential operator coefficient related to the oscillation equation of the plate (30-36)
7. Mamanazarov A. O. Boundary value problems for a fractional order mixed parabolic equation in unbounded domains (37-48)
8. Seidullayev A. K. On a regularization problem for the integral problem strip geometry on a family of broken lines (49-54)
9. Tugenov Z. T. Periodic real measures (55-58)
10. Kholturayev Kh. F. On a criterion of metrizability of compact and idempotent probability measures functor (59-64)
11. Khomidov M. K. Gibbs distributions for a discrete Toda chain (65-73)
12. Khusainova B. B. Central limit theorem of without moment conditions. II     (74-78)
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(C) Erkinjon Karimov, 2019
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